Saturday, July 23, 2011

6 Years

Six years, 2 baby girls, one dog, and 2 degrees.

For some reason the second Judd and I had children we completely stopped taking pics of the two of us together.  Ha!  I found a few good really old ones I love just for some fun.  They aren't in order.  oh well.

I seriously love my life.

 Cannon Beach, Aug. 2007 

Engagement Day, May 2005

BVI, July 2006


  1. Court! So glad I found your blog! Your littles are the cutest ever. Seriously. Beautiful just like their momma. We need to keep in touch better! We aren't too far away from you either. We are here in Houston. Anyway, love the posts and hope all is well for you!

  2. Happy anniversary! Way to go! Carl and I have our 6 yr next week. It is crazy how time flies. I am already planning our 10 yr trip to Hawaii. Hope you are doing well. We sure miss you guys a ton!

  3. Happy very belated anniversary! You guys are so cute, like some kind of ralph lauren ad couple. Love you both! And I am SO JEALOUS that Avery eats broccoli!