Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Afternoon Snack

Hey mom, can I have a snack?

Sure, what would you like?

Do we have any mushrooms? (This does not surprise me too much.  Avery loves mushrooms.)

No.  How about some applesauce.

Nooooo... (thinking)... Do we have broccoli?

Yep.  Do you want some?

Yes!  I would like some broccoli please.  cooked.  not raw.

OK (a little surprised - I roast some broccoli for her)

15 min. later

(eating broccoli)  Mom, this broccoli is delicious!  I just love broccoli.  Yuuummmm.

She looks at me, gives me a half smile and winks like we are both in on some awesome secret.

And she eats an entire plate.

Her play date was not amused.  I offer her applesauce.

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